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What are your 2018 Health Goals?

Every new beginning requires new plans and goals. I guess a lot of us have made new resolutions, new goals and so many of us have huge expectations this year. Today, let’s talk about something a lot of people plan to do but never really get around doing due to a lot of reasons.

Here’s what we’ll be looking at today; and that’s Exercise. I mean you can’t talk about being healthy without exercise right? Even if you were eating healthy, you ought to add a little exercise to that mix to achieve your desired goal.

Here are some benefits of exercise:

It helps to control weight: When you engage in physical activities, you shed weight.
It can reduce your risk of having certain health conditions and diseases: Engaging in physical activities boost “good” cholesterol and decrease unhealthy ones.This keeps your blood flowing smoothly, which decreases your risk of coming down with heart conditions.
It improves your mood: Physical activities stimulate the various brain chemicals that could leave you feeling happy and more relaxed. Plus losing some weight sure helps you feel better about your appearance and boosts your confidence.
– It boosts energy: Regular exercise improves your muscle strength and helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, and helps the heart and lungs function effectively.
– It promotes better sleep: Having trouble falling asleep? You should consider exercising, as regular physical activities help you fall asleep faster.
Having seen some benefits of engaging in regular exercise. Let’s take a look at some work out routines that we could commence right away without having any special equipment. Some of us might be thinking; wow, I need to start exercising right away.
But then, how long should be allocated to exercise? It is recommended that at least 150 mins of moderate exercise per week will be of huge benefit to the individual.
Personally, I try to allocate 10 mins daily to exercise. But after doing two repetitions of 5 exercise routines, I still haven’t exhausted my 10mins! While my body is screaming and I’m panting, my mind has calculated 20mins already, mehn… how frustrating can that be. Anyways, I am determined so I keep at it.
If you just want to begin it is important to start small and with a plan that you can actually stick with long enough. Here are some simple routines that you can try out.
Skipping: We all are familiar with skipping and many of us even know how to skip.You mustn’t really buy the conventional skipping role, any good old role will do. Skipping targets almost every part of your body, it is a cardio exercise and it is great for weight loss and overall fitness.
Jumping jacks: Place your feet together with your hands by your side, then jump up with your hands and feet out and return to the initial position.
-Planks: Go down on all fours and take the push-up posture but with your elbow and your toes supporting you while your body is suspended above the ground. Hold for 30-60secs.
Long walks: Taking long walk is a good way to unwind and meditate.
– Lastly, take a glass of water first thing in the morning, this is a good bowel exercise.
A friend testified that the one time she didn’t take her morning glass of water and went for her regular check-up, they couldn’t get a stable vein to take blood samples. She was asked if she had taken water that morning, to which her reply was no. Suffice to say, she was asked to do so and her appointment with the doctor was rescheduled.
So, 20mins daily exercise and eating healthy will definitely get that new year’s health goal looking bright.
Start exercising, keep eating healthy, stay fit and stay healthy.
Have you gotten some value today? Do let us know your thoughts.
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Omafuvwe Erhemute
Omafuvwe Erhemute is a beautiful Nurse whose dream is to create a health standard focused on preventive measures rather than curative. she is passionate about Nutrition and Dietetics and hopes to influence healthy eating by her writings. She loves cooking and eating.

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