Behind the Scene: How your Glasses come about.

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If you use lenses, you might have at a time asked yourself “how does my lens actually get fixed?” Or “Sometimes this lens takes long to come. Why?” There are answers to these questions and possibly other such related questions. But let’s bring it in a more interesting way.

After you visit your Optometrist and had your eyes examined, if you would require spectacle lenses to see better, your expectation soars high while you wait for the scheduled moment you are to pick them up to help you see the world the way it actually is. This is not surprising since you might have had a taste of such great vision during the trial lens test. What happens after you leave the examination seat is quite a process, an interesting process for that matter, one you would come to appreciate. Despite the many phases in getting your glasses ready, the pursuit is always to make the lenses precise and satisfying to you. Though it’s a little improved in recent times, we would let you see how the process was in the 1960s in the video.

NB: Correction to note in the Commentary; previously, professionals that test the eyes for glasses were called OPTICIANS or OCULISTS. Today, Optometrists are eye doctors that examine and treat diseases of the eyes and also prescribe lenses for vision correction. Opticians are technicians that fix the lenses prescribed by Optometrists into frames.
Video Credit: British Pathé

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Dr. Trust Egharevba
Dr. Trust Egharevba is an Optometrist and Life Coach. His passion is to see healthy people live life to the fullest. He enjoys sharing knowledge, making people happy and being happy as well.

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