The Cosmetic Eyewear: Alternative to false Eyelashes

It feels much better when we are able to manipulate nature to give us what we desire instead of creating an artificial of it.

For example, besides the false eyelashes, there are other false body features that have been created with synthetic materials that people have to wear whether surgically or physically. In as much as these help to raise individual’s confidence level, if these body features can be formed by manipulating the human body itself, having the feature appear as real part of our body, a higher percentage of people will prefer it. This is most certainly the driving idea behind the new strategy coming on for growing fuller, thicker, darker and long eyelashes.

The drug that can deliver this phenomenon has been identified. This is great news for women; they can fulfil the desire for better eyelash look in a natural way. The new way of growing thicker, darker and longer natural eyelashes from the eyelid margin itself was found as a side effect of a drug. A drug used for the treatment of Glaucoma (Lumigan). The drug is from the Latanoprost family. It was found that patients who use the eye drop grew beautiful eyelashes as earlier described, as one of its side effects.

Producers of the eye drop took a step further, targeting the extra cosmetic advantage in the drug, to produce a version of the drug solution that could be dabbed like eyeliner to promote eyelash growth.

How to apply natural Eyelash boost

How to apply natural Eyelash boost 2

This showed significant improvement according to research, although it temporarily darkens the colour of the eyelids and iris. It has been approved by FDA, 24th December 2008, for treatment of Hypotrichosis (a condition of reduced amount of eyelashes)

This discovery is fascinating and appears to be a better alternative to false eyelashes. Most women desiring gorgeous eyelashes are seeking this drug solution ‘’Latisse’’.
These products are wonderfully making the yearning desire for long eyelashes a reality, Instead of the stress and risk of fixing false eyelashes.
I believe this is a better path to toll, instead of fixing them, just grow them. So weeks before your wedding day, you can start applying this if you’re a first timer and it’s something you can always stay on.

Eyelash growth in 16 weeks

It is applied just like every other eye cosmetic. Also, there are many brands now available for this product that you can choose from.
There you have it – Alternative to false eyelashes. We promote that you always make the best health choices.
Look good, and make healthy choices.
Cheers to a Great year

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Dr. Trust Egharevba
Dr. Trust Egharevba is an Optometrist and Life Coach. His passion is to see healthy people live life to the fullest. He enjoys sharing knowledge, making people happy and being happy as well.

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  1. Another great piece from vision care givers. Well done Dr. This is really cool information.

  2. Interesting. But why would I decide to treat glaucoma when I don’t have it?
    Good application of drug research though.
    Happy New Year Doc.

  3. I have always thought of this… I never knew vision care was just about to answer my question… I like the fact it can be applied externally….
    Nice information …
    Because it darkens the lids, we(females) may now consider using more of concealer #smiles#

    It’s still way better than the artificial eyelash that threatens vision, as well as eye hygiene …

    Good 1 Dr Trust

  4. Thanks for your kind words Dr Faith. I’m glad the article was helpful.

    W encourage you to share this knowledge with others. Let’s promote better health choices.

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