Eyeglass frame and Personality style

Nobody needs to tell who’s the nerd in the movie. By their eyeglasses, you shall know them. This has become a signature to identify the personality of a Nerd from afar. But the eyeglass frame doesn’t only speak of the nerdy personality, it can say other things too.
If you wear a spectacle, what could the frame be saying about you or your style? That’s what we’re going to find out.

Besides getting a spectacle frame that suits your face shape, the frame type can also help to identify your taste. There are generally, three (3) categories of frame. The difference comes from how the area of the frame called Eyewire, goes around the lens. As we go on you would understand. Now the categories are;

Full Rim
In this case, the eyewire forms a full coverage around the lens hence the name. You can have it in plastic or metal forms and also in various designs. It’s bold, durable and used to make a statement.

Full rim in style

Adding matching colour that suits your skin to the frame will just make you stand out. It is the most popular of the three categories of frames, from the fashion walkway and Red carpets to the tanning on the beaches, to cooperate office, to protective goggles in the workplace etc.


Rimless Frame

The Rimless is named after its appearance. The lens is totally free of any coverage. The arms (temple) of the frame and the Nose bridge and Nose pad are attached directly to the lens. The designs on a Rimless frame are associated with the shape of the lens and the shape and patterns on the spectacle arms (temple).

Rimless Frame: Almost invisible


Rimless Frame and the gentle look

In the Rimless frame, the Lens is usually thick enough to handle grooves that are drilled through it for the arms and nose bridge to anchor on. These anchor and screws make the spectacle firm when worn. The Rimless portrays a minimal, gentle, low profile style on your face. Wearing the Rimless almost gives the impression that nothing is on your face to the person looking at you.
It’s great for office or formal appearance.

Half Rim or Semi-rimless
Some people like the taste of both sides- the Full rim and Rimless. This forms a new category of its own. A part of the lens is held within the rim and another part appears to be free but is actually held in place by a plastic twine running through a groove on the edge of the lens.

Semi-rimless frame

Semi-rimless sunglass

In some cases, the rimless part of the frame could actually be free because it’s held firmly by the rim part with some strong clip points.
The Semi-rimless is a hybrid and gives the best part of both worlds- the bold on one part and low profile on the other part. Its great for formal/ office appearance, and also making a bold statement.

Now you can determine what’s best for the impression you seek to make and tell the story of your personality whether you’re picking a prescription lens or a fashion spectacle.

We encourage you to keep making healthy choices.

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Dr. Trust Egharevba
Dr. Trust Egharevba is an Optometrist and Life Coach. His passion is to see healthy people live life to the fullest. He enjoys sharing knowledge, making people happy and being happy as well.

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