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Guilty as Charged

Are you guilty? Who passed the judgement? Well, let’s see.
A lot of us may have experienced stomach upset or running stomach at one point in our lives. Let’s paint a scenario; can you recall some time ago when you were craving your favourite snack, dish or momma’s home cooked meal? And finally, here it was in front of you! Oh, what a day! You quickly delve in and begin to munch happily, you eat until you are satisfied but you continue eating even when your stomach is screaming that it’s had enough, You ignore the voice of wisdom and feed yourself until you eventually cannot stand another bite. Feeling satisfied and good with yourself you decide to take a nap or get some work done. Moments later you get a funny feeling, you try to ignore it but it won’t go away….and then you discover, something is going on down there! Well, let’s take a look at what it is.
The food has gotten to the stomach (police department) and there it is discovered that you have committed a crime (oops) and your case is forwarded to the justice department (intestines) and the jury finds you guilty! But what is my offence you say… You have had too much to eat the judge (large intestine) says declaring you guilty and executes judgement (stomach upset, running stomach, watery stool, frequency in visiting the toilet).
So here is the thing, whenever you feel like you crave that favourite snack or dish…remember to take a deep breath, calm down and make the decision to listen to the voice of your stomach.

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Omafuvwe Erhemute
Omafuvwe Erhemute is a beautiful Nurse whose dream is to create a health standard focused on preventive measures rather than curative. she is passionate about Nutrition and Dietetics and hopes to influence healthy eating by her writings. She loves cooking and eating.

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