International Sunglasses Day 2017

Today is an interesting day for those in the eyewear world. June 27 is International Sunglasses day. Hopefully, it’s going to be a sunny day. Let’s all get out those fabulous sunglasses of ours (if you have one, or get one if you don’t) and let’s celebrate the invention of such an amazing eyewear.

Let’s talk a little more about sunglasses
It’s such a great relief, on a very sunny day to look around without squeezing the face because of the brightness of the sun. This is what makes sunglasses an excellent companion during summer and other sunny days.
Before being a fashion accessory, the first function of the sunglasses is protection. It Protects from Ultra Violet rays (UV rays) and high-energy visible light of the sun. These could cause damages to the eyes. Hence, we are required to always wear a sunglass whenever we are outside under the sun or in dusty areas because they also act as shield for the eyes against flying objects.
There are other advantages that have been drawn out of sun glasses such as enhancing your appearance, a partial way of disguising; this is probably why sunglasses are quite common among celebrities and makes some folks dislike their use too. But either ways the protection of eyes is primary when selecting a sunglass.

They come with varying properties targeted at different element they protect the eyes from. Properties such as Tint, UV protection, Polaroid filter. All these are geared toward achieving the best protection for the eyes under bright lights; whether it’s from the sun, gadget screens such as Smart phones, Computer screen and TV, even at cinemas. It has also been greatly recommended for patients after eye surgeries to protect the fragile healing eye.
Sunglasses come in various designs and shapes to give you the best fitting that suit your appearance. For today, let’s go out with our sunglasses and protect the eyes with style.

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Dr. Trust Egharevba
Dr. Trust Egharevba is an Optometrist and Life Coach. His passion is to see healthy people live life to the fullest. He enjoys sharing knowledge, making people happy and being happy as well.

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