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Joy in the Mouth

Oral health is an aspect of our overall health that is often neglected even among the medical elites. This is probably because we think issues with the mouth are not life threatening.
If you are one of those who think this way, here are some really cool reasons to be more interested in your oral health, and have more Joy in your life;

1. it saves Money
I’m sure with the word “recession” on everyone’s lips, this is good news to our ears.Prevention they say is better than cure. It is cheaper to take good care of our mouths rather than allow them to deteriorate because in the Dental parlance the more complicated an oral issue is the more expensive the treatment. So you see going to the Dentist for regular checks is not expensive but having a deteriorating mouth is obviously more expensive. Save yourself some cash today by seeing your Dentist regularly!

2. It boosts your confidence
Ever met an overly self-conscious person & wondered why they are like that? Although there are a number of reasons responsible, poor oral health is amongst the top on the list. Bad Breath, discoloured teeth, crooked teeth, missing teeth and broken teeth are a few reasons why you may not feel up to your game in public. Have any of these? Take a chill pill because they are all preventable & reversible conditions, Just see your Dentist.

3. It improves your Love Life
Love is a fundamental part of human living. Be it love between spouses, siblings or parents and kids kissing is one generally accepted way of expressing love. A tight welcome hug & a kiss on the cheek, a goodnight kiss between Daddy & Daughter or a significant other. Now imagine kissing someone with a grubby and smelly mouth….soo gross!
Have you wondered why your partners or kids are no longer enthusiastic about giving those kisses? Now you know.

4. It increases your Work productivity
Nobody performs at their optimum when they are not feeling good. Poor Oral Health can progress onto various conditions associated with severe pains that have been described as excruciating or agonising.This leaves you drained of strength and may even make one feel useless at work. Practising good oral health care habits and being more conscious of your oral health can prevent this as in so doing any conditions that may present with pains will be noticed early on and taken care of.

5. It Improves Your Overall Health
Even when we feel our mouths can be neglected because conditions in the mouth may not overtly kill us, it is important to note that continued neglect of our mouths can predispose to severe health conditions. There have been several studies which showed that having a healthy mouth reduces the risk of several conditions including Heart Disease, Diabetes, Stroke, Lung Infections, Infertility, Erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease etc.

6. Improves our Chances of Having Healthy Babies
Having a sick child is not a ride in the park. Oral Healthcare is especially important in pregnant women. This is because hormonal Changes in pregnancy increases the risk of developing gum disease which in turn can affect the unborn child. Studies have shown that having a stellar Oral Health in pregnancy prevents prematurity and Low birth weight in infants

7. Helps in Weight Loss
Weight loss is a trending topic all over the internet with an increase in awareness, diets and products around the globe. Keeping a healthy mouth can aid greatly if you are trying to loose some weight. A major cause of weight loss is excessive eating & snacking especially late at night. Brushing your teeth after dinner prevents you from snacking afterwards as it is unpleasant to eat with the taste of toothpaste lingering in your mouth. With this alone, you are sure to reduce your calorie intake & drop a few pounds in no time.

So you see there is lots of Joy in being more conscious of your oral health. Never seen a Dentist or have an issue with your mouth? Book an appointment with a Dentist today!

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Dr. Eureka Orhorhoro
Dr. Eureka Orhorhoro is an amazing Dentist, with a strong passion for Health Care Advancement in Nigeria. She believes that the right information is crucial in improving Oral health care and she is ready to make a global difference. she loves reading, baking & cooking.

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  1. The mouth is the place to take in nourishment and is also the most sensual part of the face.

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