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Learn a New Recipe- World Food Day 2017

Hi friends, it’s World Food Day! and I’m excited. I would like to celebrate with you by sharing a simple and healthy food recipe with you today.

We are going to be learning how to prepare a meal substitute for beans Pudding (Popular MoiMoi in Nigeria). I’m aware that some people get heartburn after eating beans and any of its derivatives. This meal is called egg pudding or egg moimoi.  We will be making tiger nut milk which can also serve as a drink or beverage.

Let’s take a look at some of the nutritional benefits of our recipe

Egg: It is gotten from birds. It contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Protein has the highest percentage, accompanied by fat and lastly carbohydrate being 1.1g. It is said to contain all the vitamins except vitamin C.
Tiger nut: It is a root vegetable. It is popularly called Hausa groundnut in Nigeria and Aya in Hausa. It is a rich source of energy with Fats, Starch, Sugars, Proteins, Minerals, vitamins such as vitamin C and E. So there goes our balanced diet.
Ingredients for tiger nut milk
-2 cups of raw tiger nut
-4 cups of water
-One-quarter tsp. Salt
– Any flavouring of your choice(optional)
  1. Soak your tiger nut with little salt overnight to soften it, the longer they soak the softer they will blend into milk.
  2. Rinse the already soaked nut well
  3. Place in a blender and add two cups of water. Do not add too much water to preserve the taste, you can add water after blending if you like.
  4. Add your flavour
  5. Blend on high speed until smooth and creamy (blend for about 2mins).
  6. Strain off the milk using a cheesecloth or a filter with fine tiny holes to separate milk from the shaft.
  7. Place the shaft back into the blender and add 1-2 cups of water.Blend again for 2mins.
  8. Strain off the milk. You can mix the first milk together with the second if you want.
  9. Pour the milk into a glass container and store in the fridge. It can store for about 3days.
Ingredients for egg pudding
-3 eggs
-1 or 2 bell pepper
-Crayfish (blended)
-Smoked or boiled fish(optional)
-Cabbage or any green vegetable
Procedure for Egg pudding
  1. Break your eggs into a bowl
  2. Add your pepper (you can blend or slice)
  3. Slice your vegetable and onions, add to the egg mixture
  4. Add salt and your preferred seasoning to taste
  5. Add fish and crayfish
  6. Whisk everything together properly
  7. Pour into small plates or cups and cook as you would your normal beans moimoi for about 40 mins and your egg pudding is ready!
Serve and enjoy with your tigernut milk. This can serve as a substitute for people who have lactose intolerance and for those who crave beans moimoi but can’t stand the stressful procedure. 
Try it and thank me later! 

Happy World Food Day 

Please share your experience with us.
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Omafuvwe Erhemute
Omafuvwe Erhemute is a beautiful Nurse whose dream is to create a health standard focused on preventive measures rather than curative. she is passionate about Nutrition and Dietetics and hopes to influence healthy eating by her writings. She loves cooking and eating.

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