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Make Vision Count – WSD 17

Where there is no vision, people perish.  As the world celebrates this year’s World Sight Day, there is a global call for Individuals, Nations, Stakeholders to make vision count. Our world depends on it. The burden of visual impairment and blindness is devastating; it impoverishes people and affects the economic progress of Nations.

Visual Impairment has become a Global Health Challenge.


 Before we go right over to see the figures one nation at a time, let’s get some basic understanding of certain visual terms.

Visual impairment or low vision is a severe reduction in vision that cannot be corrected with standard glasses or contact lenses and reduces a person’s ability to function at certain or all tasks. it could be Mild impairment or Moderate to Severe Visual impairment (MSVI)

Blindness is a lack of vision. It may also refer to a loss of vision that cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. Partial blindness means very limited vision. Complete blindness means light cannot be perceived. Legal Blindness means the level of vision loss that has been legally defined as blindness, varies from Country to Country

The figures

>begins with the Selected Countries

>Population @2015 and projected 2020 

>number of people with Moderate Visual Impairment @2015 and projected 2020

>number of people with Moderate to Severe Visual Impairment @2015 and projected 2020

>number of blind people @2015 and projected 2020

  2015 2020
Population 35,939,927 37,599,569
Mild Impairment 711,202 786,747
MSVI 727,085 805,607
Blind 81,872 87,486
Population 321,600,430 333,496,529
Mild Impairment 6,535,074 7,111,449
MSVI 6,733,983 7,329,046
Blind 899,189 946,552
Population 143,456,918 142,898,124
Mild Impairment 3,972,666 3,954,157
MSVI 4,322,306 4,286,811
Blind 548,656 531,123
Population 1,311,094,547 1,388,980,660
Mild Impairment 39,677,923 44,071,082
MSVI 47,743,723 53,570,202
Blind 8,809,310 9,816,334
Population 64,715,810 66,700,126
Mild Impairment 1,541,296 1,610,868
MSVI 1,567,777 1,640,689
Blind 126,346 125,653
Population 182,252,837 206,863,087
Mild Impairment 3,133,725 3,503,698
MSVI 3,495,371 3,964,999
Blind 741,945 809,613
Population 19,899,120 24,314,931
Mild Impairment 432,038 517,093
MSVI 513,793 620,589
Blind 135,465 202,303
Population 27,409,893 30,530,449
Mild Impairment 521,605 565,287
MSVI 596,919 634,228
Blind 138,410 137,972
Population 54,490,406 56,668,602
Mild Impairment 857,875 891,994
MSVI 954,240 984,002
Blind 313,840 311,764
Population 207,847,528 215,997,014
Mild Impairment 3,221,169 3,401,755
MSVI 3,366,111 3,539,017
Blind 690,899 687,008
Population 23,968,973 25,597,574
Mild Impairment 505,744 551,756
MSVI 522,585 569,634
Blind 57,159 60,191
Population 78,665,830 82,255,782
Mild Impairment 3,517,761 3,841,160
MSVI 4,811,376 5,279,446
Blind 731,868 787,678

Key facts


How can we make vision Count?

  1. Ensure you preserve and protect your eyes
  2. Do yearly eye examination
  3. Spread this message to family, friends and colleagues
  4. Join hands to influence your government – Local, State and Federal to make vision count using your country data
  5. Encourage more funding of National Blindness Prevention Programmes in your Country




Figures obtained from the 2017 IAPB Vision Atlas

Featured Photo courtesy: Fred Hollows Foundation New Zealand, from the WSD “Stronger Together” Photo competition.


If you wish to get data for your Country and it is not listed, please leave a comment below and we would send it to you.

Cheers to your Eye Health

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Dr. Uduak Isong
Dr Uduak Isong is an excellent Optometrist, a compassionate caregiver and she believes health education is vital to building a healthy society. She loves reading and intelligent discussions. Apart from clinical practice, she enjoys playing the keyboard and teaching children.

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