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Indeed so much has changed; daily schedules now revolve around social media, work, family, and Religious activities with very little time reserved for other important things like cooking or eating. With so much to do in 24 hours, we are forced to fix everything in or cut down on ‘less important things’.  Of all we could do, we decide to cut the time reserved for the most important activity of the day- SLEEP. In this series, we will critically analyse and lead a ”Sleep-More Revolution”. Let the revolution begin!!!


Mr Victor, an entrepreneur, is the founder of an IT consulting firm in Lagos (Nigeria). As a young business owner, he understands the place of diligence and consistency in growing his enterprise. Among many other things, Victor is an App developer, a webmaster, a graphic designer, and an IT consultant. His firm provides services for a wide variety of clients in different locations. Every Morning, He wakes up very early (at about 4 am), to catch the popular BRT bus that passes his area by 5 am. Depending on the traffic situation, on most days he gets to his office by 7:30 am and begins work almost immediately. His job is quite intense and requires maximum focus. With his PC and a good internet connection, Victor can work almost anywhere. Office work ends at 6 pm and he gets home by 9:30 pm (if there is no Church activity as he is also a Media Director in Church). He is not very good in the kitchen, so he usually gets a fast food on his way home. From 9:30 pm Victor is free and available for all levels of socialization on social media. Depending on the intensity, he sleeps between 12-1am every day.

Wow, Mr Victor sleeps only 3-4 hours daily!!!

Unfortunately, Mr Victor is not the only one; many other people share similar experiences. Like a virus, it is spreading fast and we are almost on the verge of having a sleepless generation.

What will be the consequence when people sleep less?

As we begin to make the important things of life, less important and the less important things more important, the world is gradually becoming unsafe for everyone to live in. Sleeplessness or reduced quality of sleep is the bane of many of the challenges in our present world.

  1. Sleeplessness is increasing accident rates: One very remarkable symptom of not having sufficient sleep is ‘Mental Confusion’. A lot of accidents happen because of these confusions and Studies show that sleep loss and poor-quality sleep is the main cause of Job-related accidents and injuries.
  2. Sleeplessness is increasing dullness rate: Many people have argued that even with the advancement of science and technology dullness rate is increasing. We have more dull people in this generation more than previous generations put together. Sleep improves cognitive ability and mental retentiveness.
  3. Sleeplessness could be responsible for the increase in crime and terrorism: there is an obvious link between lack of sleep and depression. When people sleep less, they have poor judgement and are bound to act irrationally in depression. There is poor self-control and sometimes become suicidal.
  4. The outbreak of serious health problems could be the result of sleeplessness: lack of sleep is doubling the risk of death. More people are suffering from very serious cardiovascular problems even among youths. Because of the importance of sleep in immune response, many infections are fast spreading as immunity rates are on the low.

Without a shadow of a doubt, a generation packed with people with less value for sleep is doomed.

What can we do to save our world?

Are you sleeping enough?


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Dr. Lucky Aziken
Dr Lucky Aziken, a multitalented Optometrist believes health education is key towards achieving a healthy society. He is passionate about knowledge and creatively communicates his thoughts. He loves reading, writing and connecting people.

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  1. Interesting and educative.
    Looking forward to coming articles.
    Thanks VCG

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Please do well to share with friends and invite more people to join the revolution.

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