The Perfect Couple: Face and Frame

How satisfying it used to be, the evening stories that led to good sleep, good dream: “
…And the day came; all the beautiful ladies in the city were assembled before the Prince. One after the other, they walked down the palace hall of his majesty until finally she was found. The perfect fit for the Prince. They married and lived happily ever after.”

There are many thoughts from this story, one of which that stood out is that when you finally find what suits you, the sense of satisfaction follows immediately. That is exactly how you are supposed to feel when you pick the right frame that fits rightly for your face and appearance.
I have seen people wear spectacles that make them look 5 years younger than their real age, also have seen people looking 10 years older because of the frame they have on. How do we identify the right fit for our faces? Good question. This is it.

It’s a popular saying that our faces are different. This indeed is true. But, somehow there are similarities that help to classify faces into categories. Over time we have been able to classify faces into groups linking their facial appearance to shape of solid figures.
This gives us the grouping of faces into

– Oval shape
– Triangle shape
– Diamond Shape
– Heart shape
– Square shape
– Round shape
– Oblong shape

Shapes And Faces

The truth is that you will never find a person’s face that is a perfect shape, there are always little changes in the contour here and there but it sure would have a group that its closest to.

Real life Face categories

To pick a frame that will just fit right for your type of face and frames you should avoid, I would just let the diagrams below do the talking while you can stand in front of your mirror and compare where you fit into, and identify the suitable frame for your face.


Characteristic: Slightly wider cheekbone and gentle curves and narrowing at the jaw and forehead.

Oval Face

Oval Face Frame Choices

Characteristic: wide at the forehead and gradually narrows through to the jaw.

Heart Face

Heart face Frame Choices

Characteristics: widest at the jaw and gradually narrowing through to the forehead.

Triangle Face

Characteristics: Angular face with cheekbone, forehead and jaw equally wide.

Square face

Square face Frame choices

Characteristic: Soft angles, the jaw and forehead are equally wide while the cheekbone is slightly wider.

Round face

Round face Frame Choices

Characteristics: It is the combination of the oval and square face.
Equally wide cheekbone and jaw; narrowing at the forehead and chin areas.

Characteristics: It’s derived from the combination of the heart and square.
Equally wide forehead and cheekbone; narrowing to the jaw.

Diamond face Frame choices

Your frames are always made to compliment your face structure and give you a great appearance. Since you would be wearing your glasses quite often whether as Sunglasses or Prescription Lenses, it makes sense to pick a frame that would improve your confidence and appearance alongside the Lenses for comfortable vision.

When you finish reading this article, look at your face very well in the mirror and give yourself a category as illustrated above or ask someone to do it for you. And next time you want to pick a frame for your prescription lenses or for your Sunglasses you would know how to get your best fit.


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Dr. Trust Egharevba
Dr. Trust Egharevba is an Optometrist and Life Coach. His passion is to see healthy people live life to the fullest. He enjoys sharing knowledge, making people happy and being happy as well.

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  1. Thanks Doctor. This answers alot of questions.

    1. Thank you, Make sure you share

  2. Nice one,
    Keep it up

  3. Nice article, it’s a great teaching for me.

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  4. Frame choice has always been a headache for the majority. This is really an eye opener, the guide here are helpful and useful.
    Well done Dr. ???

    1. Thank you Jude, as always

  5. I apply that guidelines with my patients and it really works! While I introduce myself, I observe the person’s face structure, complexion, hair color, etc. so I can guide him or her in the right direction.
    Spending quality time in the frame selection is vital, if the person fell in love with it, I consider 60% of the sale is close. Good point, Dr! ??

    1. Amazing Bianca, thanks for sharing. Your patients should be getting the best of frame selection. Do Subscribe to our blog and share with friends also.Cheers!!

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